Co Packing Division

We will do the baking for you, while you worry about running your growing business.


CO-PACKING is the outsourcing of the production and packaging of a food product for wholesale.


WHY COPACK?    Put your money into marketing not manufacturing.


NILDA’S DESSERTS COPACKING DIVISION offers you the opportunity to achieve your vision for your product.  We specialize in the baking industry and can source the best ingredients and packaging materials on the market.   Nilda’s is dedicated in providing our customers with only the best quality finished products.


TEST RUN will cost a fixed price.  If you are just starting out or have a new product to launch, a test run of 20lbs of dough to produce and bake is required, and results collected.



PRICING will vary.   Each of our manufacturing contracts is unique and our prices reflect the appropriate costs for your specific needs.  Considerations such as production requirements, ingredient preparation, packaging, labeling requests and batch size are some of the factors that determine your final cost.


TIMELINE to bring your product to the market involves many factors.  We can discuss sourcing ingredients and materials if needed.  As well as the full process from production to delivery.